Quigg Family Foundation

James Quigg fulfills charitable vision by creating the Quigg Family Foundation

Rob Quigg

Rob Quigg

In the early 1960s, J. Robert Quigg, Sr. (known as Bob) recognized the potential community benefits of establishing a family foundation. For many years, his family and the Richmond Baking Company supported the foundation, allowing it to provide significant contributions to community causes. As current Executive Director of the Quigg Family Foundation, Rob Quigg says, “We are proud of the legacy our Grandfather left us and the ability to carry on his generous spirit of giving. We have the ability to do great things with this foundation; great things that can benefit the communities of Alma and Richmond.”

The mission of the Quigg Family Foundation is to encourage, preserve and promote the education, welfare and enlightenment of our fellow citizens. We do this by supporting and encouraging organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving the communities of Richmond, IN; and Alma, GA.

Examples of our giving include:

  • Creation of the Quigg Family Foundation Library at the Jeffers Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County, IN.
  • Creation of the Quigg Family Foundation Nursing Laboratory and the Reid Hospital & Health Care Services Simulation Lab in Richmond, IN.
  • Creation of the Quigg Room at Earlham School of Religion, part of Earlham College

The Quigg Family Foundation considers requests for monetary contributions on a quarterly or annual basis, depending upon the requested amount.

  • For requests of $500 or less, donations will be considered on a quarterly basis.
  • For amounts greater than $500 or multi-year commitments, requests will be considered once a year, typically in December.

In order to make a request, the following information must be submitted: 501 c(3) documentation, project specifics, timeline and anticipated benefit to the community (either Alma, GA; or Richmond, IN), copy of annual budget (for requests over $500); and contact information.

Please email the information to: robq@richmondbaking.com