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Lauren Jowers

Customer Service Specialist

Lauren Jowers started in Customer Service at Richmond Baking of Georgia (Alma, GA) in 2006. After earning an Associate's Degree in Business Administration from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Georgia College & State University, Lauren pursued a career in Sales and Marketing. Her ten years of sales experience have provided her with a solid foundation for customer service that aligns with Richmond Baking's core values. Lauren focuses on customizing each project for her customers and providing a personal touch.

"I want to connect with my customers in a positive way and give them a reason to come back by giving efficient, accurate and prompt service, by listening and understanding any concerns they may have, by keeping my promises and by taking ownership of my mistakes. I've made a commitment to identifying and anticipating our customer's needs and continually improving the way we do business," says Lauren.

Lauren appreciates the values of a family-owned company, choosing to spend her free time with her own family and play softball with friends.

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Sue Dixon

National | Sales Manager

Sue Dixon has been a Sales Manager for Richmond Baking since 2008. After earning her Associate's degree in Nursing, Sue spent several years working in customer service management for two major nationwide candy companies. Six years later, Sue went to work for a large food production company, eventually specializing in sales and account management for a major US dairy. Although Sue knows all aspects of Richmond Baking's products, her experience with candy and dairy products makes her the perfect specialist in Ice Cream Inclusions and Graham Crumbs. Sue believes in identifying and fulfilling her customers' needs while exceeding their expectations.

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Bill Quigg

Indiana | Vice President

Bill Quigg, President of Richmond Baking, takes extra strides to create a community at Richmond Baking--spending time with coworkers and learning about their families, hobbies and community interests. "Our goal is to create Raving Fans of our employees, as well as our customers. In fact, we believe that in order to truly have Raving Fan customers; we have to start with our employees."We don't want a customer that is merely satisfied with our company. We want people that love to do business with us. Every day, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and create Raving Fans," says Bill.

Bill started working in the company bakeries at the age of 12. When he was old enough to work around the industrial machines, Bill went to work in the mixing and sanitation areas of the Richmond plant and worked his way through all aspects of the family business. A Richmond native, Bill graduated from Richmond High School. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from Miami University in Oxford, OH. While working full-time at the Richmond Baking, Bill went on to earn his Master's in Business Administration, also from Miami University.

In 2002, at Richmond Baking's centennial celebration, Bill's father, Jim, "passed the apron" to Bill, appointing him as the next President of the company. Although Bill's professional focus is in Operations and Sales, his overriding commitment is to creating Raving Fan Customers.

Bill takes pride in the fact that Richmond Baking is a family-owned business steeped in the historic tradition of its community, Richmond, IN. He volunteers his time serving as a Governing Board Member and Audit Committee Chairman of Reid Hospital & Health Care Services.

Bill is also involved in associations that serve the biscuit and cracker industry. Bill served as a President of the Cookie & Snack Baker's Association (CASBA) and is the current 2nd Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturer's Association (B&CMA). "I deeply value the relationships that I have been fortunate enough to establish in the industry, I have gained great friendships and those connections have positively impacted Richmond Baking."

"At Richmond Baking, we have the flexibility to make decisions quickly and to create true partnerships with our customers. Our size is large enough to provide cost effective solutions and run efficient operations, while remaining small enough to be flexible for unique customer needs."

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Don Lindeman

National | Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales for Richmond Baking, Don Lindeman can tell customers anything they need to know about the products Richmond Baking makes. He also understands the importance of providing excellent customer service--before, during and after a sale. With two children and two grandchildren of his own, Don values the importance of family. For this reason, Richmond Baking, the oldest family owned cookie and cracker bakery in the country, was the perfect fit when Don joined the team in 2003. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Kensington University and career sales experience in and out of the baking industry, Don brings a global perspective to his daily interactions with customers.

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Dennis Campbell

Assistant Vice-President of Raving Fan Customers

Dennis Campbell is the Assistant Vice-President of Raving Fan Customers at Richmond Baking's Indiana facility. Campbell joined the Richmond Baking team in 1998, bringing a Bachelor's degree in Food Science, a Master's in Business Administration and many years of applicable experience in the foodservice and restaurant industries in Quality Control, Product Development and Purchasing.

Dennis believes that the key to great customer service lies in always giving the customer want they want--more quickly and more consistently than anyone else.

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Bitsie Carpenter

Indiana | Customer Service Specialist

Bitsie Carpenter is a Customer Service Specialist who joined the Richmond Baking team in 2004. Bitsie started as the Richmond Baking receptionist and her philosophy has remained the same in every position she has held at the company. "I've learned that one sincere, 'Hello. How are you doing today?' goes a long way in building wonderful relationships with customers." Bitsie does everything she can to live up to Richmond Baking's charge of creating Raving Fan customers. "I want to make sure that when a customer hangs up the phone, they know I've done the best I could to meet their needs. It is my firm belief that this is what keeps our customers coming back again and again."

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Jerry Lady

Georgia | Vice President

Jerry Lady, Vice President for Richmond Baking of Georgia (Alma, GA), began his career with Richmond Baking in 1990. Jerry came to Richmond Baking with experience in the food industry--having worked in restaurant management, and grocery store planning and set-up. Originally hired as a Shift Supervisor at Richmond Baking's Indiana facility, Jerry spent eight years there until the company's first retail cracker line was added. The new line was transferred from another cracker manufacturer in Illinois, and Jerry oversaw the set-up of this transfer. It was this project that took Jerry to Alma, GA, where he was promoted to Plant Manager.

Today as Assistant Vice President, Jerry prides himself on always being available for conversations and support regarding new product innovations and current product modifications. His number one goal in business is to meet or exceed customer expectations--to assist customers in growing their businesses and pleasing their customers.

Jerry appreciates that Richmond Baking is flexible and well-tuned to the baking industry. "The company is willing to reinvest to grow the business and be successful. We are a business that sees changes in the industry and reacts to them accordingly. A business that truly understands the value of its customers and its employees," he says.

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Bonnie Sharp

Indiana | Vice President of Raving Fan Customers

Bonnie Sharp is Vice President of Raving Fan Customers who joined the Richmond Baking team in 2010. Bonnie holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University. Bonnie came to Richmond Baking with over 25 years of manufacturing experience. Her diverse manufacturing experiences allow her to see the "big picture" when it comes to fulfilling customers' requests and expectations. "My career path has allowed me to bring new ideas to the table and create unique ways to meet our customers' needs. I believe that understanding these needs, providing good communication and working to earn your customers' trust go a long way in building customer relationships," she says.

Bonnie appreciates that each employee of Richmond Baking is recognized as an individual. "With over 200 employees in three states, Richmond Baking still makes each person feel like part of a team and not just a number." Bonnie also appreciates Richmond Baking's dedication to community support and actively participates in philanthropic activities herself.

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