The ovens at Richmond Baking have been dedicated to turning out the finest baked goods for over a century.

Richmond Baking strives to produce delectable baked goods for all of our customers’ needs. We collaborate closely with each customer to make exceptional products that will exceed your expectations and enhance your business. With over 100 years of baking experience and over 500-custom formulations in our “recipe” library, we can create unique formulations of cookies, crackers, crumbs and breading. Our baking experts use the highest quality ingredients and countless flavor and color options to ensure that our products offer distinctive taste and texture.


Our retail packaged product lines include laminated and nonlaminated snack crackers, animal crackers, graham crackers, cheese and vegetable crackers, as well as rotary-molded and wirecut cookies. We blend a variety of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate crumbs and inclusions for ingredients for the cheesecake, ice cream and candy bar industries. A variety of breadings, batters, spice blends and cracker meals are made specifically for the processed meat and vegetable industries.


Our customized product line allows us to bake products for specific dietary needs: products without wheat gluten or other allergens such as dairy, sugar-free products, all-natural and organic products. Our bakeries are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union and we have chosen not to use any tree nuts in our facilities due to serious issues surrounding nut allergies. In fact, no nuts are even allowed through the doors of our bakeries, including employee break rooms and locker rooms.


Our flexible and highly-efficient operations (located in three states for quick nationwide delivery) can save you time and money. With over 230,000-square feet of plant space and state-of-the-art equipment, we have the capacity to service any size end user. We specialize in Contract Manufacturing and can scale our lines up or down to meet your unique production and packaging needs. All of this with stringent quality control procedures that ensure Safe Food is our number one priority.