Candy Inclusions

The ovens at Richmond Baking are dedicated to turning out graham and cookie crumbs to meet a variety of customer needs.

It’s no secret that most of the world has a sweet-tooth for candy. Consequently, the confectionary industry is highly competitive with new products released every day. At Richmond Baking, our ovens are turning out graham and cookie pieces which are sure to take your confections from sweet to scrumptious and keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Bake-ins or bake-ons, large cookie pieces or custom-made crumbs—our cookies and crumbs will ensure that your candy delights with hints of fresh-baked goodness. Our product line offers an array of customizable choices including flavor, color, shortening content, sweetness level or granulation size. Our customers trust us to create inclusions that are decadently tasty and nutritionally sound. For this reason, our inclusions can be baked gluten-free, sugar-free, trans fat-free or Parve, to meet the competitive standards of today’s health-conscious consumer.

Need a dark-chocolate cookie bit for your granola bar? Or a Vanilla wafer pieces for your candy bar? Richmond Baking can match an existing sample or create a brand-new custom creation – all the while, saving your time and money with our flexible and efficient family-owned operations.