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Lefty Hurd

Indiana | Assistant Vice President of Family Pride

Robert "Lefty" Hurd is the Assistant Vice President of Family Pride at Richmond Baking. In this capacity, Lefty is Richmond Baking's corporate training, heading up all in-house employee trainings. Before coming to Richmond Baking in 1999, Lefty was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. His time in service to our country instilled in Lefty the positive work ethics, teamwork, and strong leadership traits that he implements in his job today.

Lefty has experienced all aspects of Richmond Baking1's business in positions as diverse as Mixer, Bagger, Sanitation, Supervisor, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Company Trainer, and his current role as Assistant Vice President of Family Pride. This array of experience has given Lefty the insights necessary to serve as an effective teacher and trainer at Richmond Baking.

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Sally Wilson

Indiana | Human Resources Assistant

Sally Wilson started her career at Richmond Baking in 2009. As a Human Resources Generalist in the Family Pride division, Sally serves as an advocate for both customers and employees of Richmond Baking. Sally's work motto is: Always try to exceed the customers' expectations so that they are pleasantly surprised.

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Jim Quigg

Indiana | Human Resources Assistant

James Quigg is the third generation of the Quigg family to head up Richmond Baking. He was President of the company for almost 35 years before "handing over the apron" to his son Bill. Today, Jim serves as the Chairman of the Board at Richmond Baking, functioning in an advisory capacity. "When I come into my office, I make sure the cookies aren't burning. If I don't smell anything, I know everything's going smoothly," jokes Jim.

Jim received his Bachelor's degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH, and went on to earn a law degree from Indiana University. After passing the Indiana Bar Exam, Jim put his knowledge of business law to good use by joining the family company, Richmond Baking. "I handled insurance; labor and negotiations; and a potpourri of things relating to operation of the company," says Jim.

In 1969, Jim took over as President upon his father's death. Jim's leadership was influential in making large-scale changes at the company. He authorized on-site storage and warehousing modifications, expanded the company's product lines and negotiated a country-wide expansion with the opening of new plants in Georgia and Oregon.

Jim comes from a long line of Quakers and believes that many of his beliefs have added to Richmond Baking's success. "Historically, the Quakers have conducted business with handshakes. I've tried to hold over some of these principles of integrity in our business. I believe one of the reasons Richmond Baking has around for so long is that we treat our customers fairly and keep our standards the highest levels."

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Bill Quigg

Indiana | Vice President

Bill Quigg, President of Richmond Baking, takes extra strides to create a community at Richmond Baking--spending time with coworkers and learning about their families, hobbies and community interests. "Our goal is to create Raving Fans of our employees, as well as our customers. In fact, we believe that in order to truly have Raving Fan customers; we have to start with our employees."We don't want a customer that is merely satisfied with our company. We want people that love to do business with us. Every day, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and create Raving Fans," says Bill.

Bill started working in the company bakeries at the age of 12. When he was old enough to work around the industrial machines, Bill went to work in the mixing and sanitation areas of the Richmond plant and worked his way through all aspects of the family business. A Richmond native, Bill graduated from Richmond High School. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from Miami University in Oxford, OH. While working full-time at the Richmond Baking, Bill went on to earn his Master's in Business Administration, also from Miami University.

In 2002, at Richmond Baking's centennial celebration, Bill's father, Jim, "passed the apron" to Bill, appointing him as the next President of the company. Although Bill's professional focus is in Operations and Sales, his overriding commitment is to creating Raving Fan Customers.

Bill takes pride in the fact that Richmond Baking is a family-owned business steeped in the historic tradition of its community, Richmond, IN. He volunteers his time serving as a Governing Board Member and Audit Committee Chairman of Reid Hospital & Health Care Services.

Bill is also involved in associations that serve the biscuit and cracker industry. Bill served as a President of the Cookie & Snack Baker's Association (CASBA) and is the current 2nd Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturer's Association (B&CMA). "I deeply value the relationships that I have been fortunate enough to establish in the industry, I have gained great friendships and those connections have positively impacted Richmond Baking."

"At Richmond Baking, we have the flexibility to make decisions quickly and to create true partnerships with our customers. Our size is large enough to provide cost effective solutions and run efficient operations, while remaining small enough to be flexible for unique customer needs."

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Felicia Quigg

Indiana | Vice President

Felicia Quigg, Vice President of Family Pride, began her career at Richmond Baking in 2008. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science degree from Indiana University and a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University, Felicia put her people skills to work in the fields of Finance, Manufacturing and the Beverage industry. In every position, Felicia's number one goal was to meet the needs of every customer she encounter.

In 2008, Felicia joined Richmond Baking as the Corporate Organizational Capabilities Manager. She has made her mark at Richmond Baking with her open-door policy for all employees and her dedication to customer service. Felicia strives to anticipate and fulfill the needs of all of Richmond Baking's customers. As Vice President of Family Pride, Felicia helps foster a corporate culture that makes employees and customers alike a part of the family.

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Rob Quigg

Indiana | Vice President of Accounting

Rob Quigg, Vice President of Accounting of Richmond Baking, began his career in the family business over a decade ago. After earning a Bachelor's degree in History at Indiana University, and earning his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) title from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Rob worked in public accounting at the firm of Geo. S. Olive in Indianapolis. In 1999, Rob joined the Richmond Baking staff and was appointed Treasurer of the company in 2002. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President of Accounting in 2010.

Rob believes that the key to Richmond Baking's success lies in hearing customers' needs and thinking creatively to find out-of-the-box solutions that help make customers successful in their own businesses. Rob has played a key role in the entrepreneurial spirit of today's Richmond Baking, always approaching business opportunities with a view to the future that benefits both customers and the bakery.

Rob is also the Executive Director of the Quigg Family Foundation--helping non-profit groups and organizations improve the lives of local citizens through financial collaborations and grant-making opportunities. His philanthropic activities extend beyond his work with the Quigg family. Rob is the past Chairperson of the Wayne Co. Foundation and serves on the IU East Board of Advisors and the Earlham College Community Council.

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Jerry Lady

Georgia | Vice President

Jerry Lady, Vice President for Richmond Baking of Georgia (Alma, GA), began his career with Richmond Baking in 1990. Jerry came to Richmond Baking with experience in the food industry--having worked in restaurant management, and grocery store planning and set-up. Originally hired as a Shift Supervisor at Richmond Baking's Indiana facility, Jerry spent eight years there until the company's first retail cracker line was added. The new line was transferred from another cracker manufacturer in Illinois, and Jerry oversaw the set-up of this transfer. It was this project that took Jerry to Alma, GA, where he was promoted to Plant Manager.

Today as Assistant Vice President, Jerry prides himself on always being available for conversations and support regarding new product innovations and current product modifications. His number one goal in business is to meet or exceed customer expectations--to assist customers in growing their businesses and pleasing their customers.

Jerry appreciates that Richmond Baking is flexible and well-tuned to the baking industry. "The company is willing to reinvest to grow the business and be successful. We are a business that sees changes in the industry and reacts to them accordingly. A business that truly understands the value of its customers and its employees," he says.

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