Ice Cream Inclusions

Richmond Baking is excited to offer a variety of inclusions for the ice cream industry.

When it comes to ice cream, many consumers are looking for highly indulgent creations. Many more are searching for healthful alternatives. Richmond Baking prides itself on creating baked ice cream inclusions with unique physical, textural and flavor attributes which meet nutritional requirements AND taste decadent.

When your product requires specific granulations or flavor combinations, Richmond Baking will customize an amazing product for you! Our ice cream inclusions and particulates can be baked in low-fat, trans fat-free, gluten-free or dairy-free combinations, to satisfy virtually any consumer craving and dietary need.

Our custom formulations include:

  • Coarse or Medium Grind Chocolate with no fines
  • Coarse or Medium Grind Vanilla with no fines
  • Coarse or Medium Grind Strawberry with no fines
  • Chocolate/ Vanilla Blend
  • Vanilla/ Strawberry Blend
  • Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Blend (Neopolitan)
  • Cookies ‘n Crème
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • S’mores

Our Research and Development team considers your key concerns throughout the baking process. We tailor-make our inclusions to ensure a consistent delivery of flavor and mouthfeel once they become part of your tasty ice cream treat. Our inclusions are subject to stringent moisture content testing to ensure limited moisture migration and a lengthy shelf-life for your ice cream products.

Creating a new flavor? Not sure if it will be a hit? At Richmond Baking, we don’t have high volume requirements. This allows us to build partnerships with multi-national corporations as well as the Mom-and-Pop ice cream shop. We’ll work with you to produce baked inclusions and mix-ins which meet your flavor, budget and nutritional needs.